Canada's Towboat, Canadian Coastal Services is Canada's Premier on water, marine assistance provider. When you need a Marine Assistance from a towboat, we are ready to answer your call. We respond to service requests for boater assist ance with our company owned, specifically designed response vessels that are Transport Canada compliant and professionally manned by trained and properly licensed captains. We do not  offer you assist services we cannot physically provide. If we are offering our unlimited protection in our area, its because we have an actual tow vessel on standby covering your area. A service vessel you can confirm is nearby anytime by simply visiting out home port in your boating community.

Canada's towboat, Canadian Coastal Services provides all marine assistance services. We offer return to port towing, battery boosting service, fuel delivery services, soft and hard un-grounding removal and other salvage and recovery services.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY OTHERS WHO TRY TO BROKER YOUR MARINE ASSISTANCE. We actually own and operate our response vessels. You WILL see our boats regularly where you need them, on the water. Our boats are available to respond 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for as many days as Mother Nature will allow. We offer our members the best coverage options in Canada, at the lowest membership rate in NORTH AMERICA!

With full time dedicated service vessels offering marine assistance in Lake Erie, The Detroit River and Lake St. Clair you can leave the dock and your worries behind! Boaters from Windsor, Lasalle, Amherstburg, Colchester, Kingsville, Leamington, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Belle River and even more are enjoying our UN-Limited Return to Port Towing coverage from our marine assistance vessels all year long! Call us for your next boater assist requirements, we actually have service vessels ready to come to you now.

Canada's Towboat is the trade mark used specifically by Canadian Coastal Services. Canada's Towboat is a registered Canadian company owned and operated by Canadian Coastal Services and the associated marks may only be used with expressed written permission from the respectful owners. We are the front runner in Canadian  marine assistance providers for marine towing and salvage service in Ontario. Only our registered members will receive no charge services, all others will be required to pay full recovery rates at time of service. Join today for just $65 and know you are protected by the service vessels you actually see where you boat...ON THE WATER!

Canada's Towboat,Canadian Coastal Services offers it's members what the others don't.  We provide or most recent Terms and conditions up front on our website for you to review before deciding to join. We also put our company owned service vessels out on the water for you to see in action every day AND night. We use dedicated marine towing vessels that are on the job day in, day out. When you need boater assistance, make the right call... call Canada's Towboat. As the front runner in Canada's marine assistance and salvage provider, our towboats are ready to serve are members and non-members. With us working closely along side the Canadian Coast Guard and your local law enforcement agencies, you can boat easy knowing that someone is actually out on the water with you and not at a desk, by the phone hoping to broker your assistance needs.

When shopping for marine assistance, ask if your provider will be reimbursing you the full $240 per hour we charge for service before deciding to enroll, since the actual service vessel they send will most likely be ours. Simply the best Ontario Marine Assistance available today. Southwestern Ontario's ONLY Canadian marine assistance provider dedicated to serving the waters of Lake Erie The Detroit River and Lake St.Clair.

Now available, boaters insured with Aviva Skippers Plan can request our tow services and enjoy knowing we will bill your insurance company direct. No hassle, no delay just pure simple marine assistance when you need it most.




Canadian Coastal Services Towboat Trademark


Current Service Rates

CANADA'S Towboat, Canadian Coastal Services is proud to be a leading provider of marine towing and salvage services in the waters directly surrounding Essex County, Ontario. We own and operate assistance vessels that routinely patrol Lake St. Clair, The Detroit River and the Western basin of Lake Erie. Each vessel is equipped to provide a variety of  services which includes marine towing, de-watering, re-floating, un-grounding, oil and other pollution containment, moderate fire fighting and more. Some of these valuable services are available on an annual membership or per need basis. We HIGHLY recommend that every boater carry towing insurance.


These Charges are for basic marine towing, soft grounding and minor assistance and do not apply to the salvage of vessels nor vessels taking on water, wrecked on shoals, beached and or caught in the surf, on fire or any other condition that may result in damage to the vessel including storm damage. All towing rates are based on port to port run time of the towboat. This will include all time spent traveling to your vessel, towing your vessel to it's destination AND travel time for the towboat to return to the position from which it was dispatched from.


Soft un-grounding will apply to a vessel who's hull is touching the bottom and is not in peril, not beached, has water surrounding all sides, has some movement , is not in contact with rocks or any other object that may damage your vessel, you are in calm waters, free from wakes, surf and water greater than one foot. If it takes longer than 15 minutes or requires more than one towboat to remove your vessel it will be considered hard aground.


Minimum Charge

Active Vessel Daytime Rate (8am-10pm)

Active Vessel Night-time Rate (10pm-8am)

Soft un-grounding (+hourly)

Operator in water

Battery Boost/Fuel drop

Salvage Charges

$295.00 NON-refundable once services are initiated.

$295.00 per hour (From time vessel leaves dock until estimated return)

$325.00 per hour (From time vessel leaves dock until estimated return)

$19.00 per foot (Active Vessel Rate rate also applies)

$220.00 per hour (minimum one hour charge) in addition to vessel rate

Cost of fuel plus active vessel rate for attending the call

Calculated based on individual situation.

Any applicable taxes are in addition to above rates.

An additional $75 per hour will be charged if services are requested while a small craft advisory is posted.

For service, call 1-800-288-4650 or hail " Canada's Towboat, Canadian Coastal Services" on VHF 16 of your marine radio.

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