Canadian Coastal Services is a leader in Canada's Marine Assistance industry. We pioneered the marine towing sector by bringing to life the Canada's Towboat brand. Even though we no longer focus on break down towing services and have passed on the brand, we are still your number one choice for boat salvage services, captains for hire, boat repositioning and other specialized on water requirements. In the last 10 years, Canadian Coastal Services has imported more boats from the United States into Canada than any other service provider. We are the number one choice for Southwestern Ontario.

Marine assistance for sail boats and power boats on the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.

Canadian Coastal Services is proud to be a leader in Ontario's Marine industry with a thirteen year history of standing at the ready to be on scene when marine trouble occurs and bring you back home safely. Whether it is to bring your boat home from a foreign port, or assist you with importing your new purchased boat into Canada, you can count on us to be there when you need us most.

Marine Salvage is what we do. If your boat has been damaged in a storm, maybe sunk at the dock or capsized in open water, let the professionals at Canadian Coastal Services take care of the recovery for you. Our team  is properly equipped and skilled to attend to the task at hand with a full array of commercial grade lift bags, Oil containment booms and recovery materials, Honda de-watering pumps and generators. All combined with the best available crew to recover your prized possession. Our Environment is greatly effected by us as boaters and so it is especially important that when disaster strikes the recovery experts are prepared to contain any contaminates that my be released from your vessel. Canadian Coastal Services always maintains adequate oil recovery equipment in stock to attend and contain most recreational and small scale commercial size spills.

Boat being towed in the Detroit River.
Radio tower locations for canada towboat.

When timing is critical, the best form of communication any boater can have is a VHF marine radio. With today's advancements in technology, many boaters think simply having a cellular telephone on board is good enough. We urge you to consider this...


When you make a call to  a 911 operator via your cellular telephone, the call goes to a single dispatcher (usually based out of the area) who is more accustomed to responding to land based emergencies. This individual will run through the motions to assess your emergency, confirm whether you need police, fire or ambulance, then try to confirm your location. All while wasting valuable time before realizing that the best organization for your emergency is likely the Coast Guard. When it comes to marine emergencies like a sinking boat, every second counts in saving your life and your cellular telephone is not the best tool for the job.


Now, a MAYDAY call broad-casted over channel 16 of your VHF marine radio will be instantly heard by not only the Coast Guard but every vessel of opportunity in the surrounding area of your distress, giving you far greater odds of receiving assistance in a hurry. Every boater should have on board, or carry a VHF marine radio.


Canadian Coastal Services operates two full time radio shore stations authorized and licensed by Industry Canada within the Essex County region to aid in assuring your call for assistance is picked up on time, every time.


 Breakdowns happen, and when they do you need to be prepared! Canadian Coastal Services HIGHLY recommends that every boater carries marine towing coverage to cover you from the high cost of marine towing. For the best and most reliable coverage across the entire Great Lakes, we recommend BoatUS. They provide for coverage over 100% of the Great Lakes. Click the link bellow to join NOW.
Free Marine Asstance Plan for Ontario providing boat towing to recreational boaters.
Year after year more Ontario boaters are discovering the value of our Marine Services. With dedicated service vessels at the ready in various locations around the areas you boat in, you can rest easy knowing that we are only a simple call away with our professional crew ready to arrive on scene quickly to get you safely on your way. We focus our service on the waters of the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and the Western Basin of Lake Erie, but offer salvage services as far as Sarnia on the St. Clair river and Long Point on Lake Erie for recoveries on request. Canadian Coastal Services remains 100% Canadian and always will, continuing to provide a variety of marine services throughout Lake St. Clair, The Detroit River and the Western Basin of Lake Erie to recreational boaters where we previously provided emergency towing as CANADA'S Towboat. Our current services include: Environmental Protection • Salvage • Vessel Repositioning Simply call us toll free at 1-800-288-4650 or hail "Canadian Coastal Services" on channel 16 of your VHF marine radio.


Canada Towboat out on patrol to help boaters in need of boat towing or emergency assistance.

We are where we say we are. For the last eleven years we have been there for  boaters enjoying the waters surrounding the Windsor and Essex-Kent region. With our head office in Windsor Ontario, we can ensure that our operations run smoothly, day in and day out. Feel free to stop in to our office and say hi. We have plenty of bling that we love to give to our visitors!

CANADA'S Marine Assistance Provider


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