Canadian Coastal Services is a leader in Canada's Marine Assistance industry. We pioneered the marine towing sector by bringing to life the Canada's Towboat brand. Even though we no longer focus on break down towing services and have passed on the brand, we are still your number one choice for boat salvage services, captains for hire, boat repositioning and other specialized on water requirements. In the last 10 years, Canadian Coastal Services has imported more boats from the United States into Canada than any other service provider. We are the number one choice for Southwestern Ontario.

A great day on the beach while boating knowing that you have no worries thanks to Canada's Towboat.
About Us

As a front running model in the industry, Canadian Coastal Services strives to stay on the leading edge. Being the first Canadian Marine Assistance company dedicated to servicing the Windsor Essex-County region of Ontario, we set the bar high ensuring our members would receive the very best available services clear across the restrictive borders.


Our entire fleet is routinely maintained and operates within 100% compliance of the Canada Shipping Act and all requirements imposed by Transport Canada. We are proud to say that our operations have held a perfect safety record for the last 13 years in the marine assistance and salvage industry.


In the past, we have been retained for fueling services with the Canadian Naval ship, the HMCS Ville De Quebec, the U.S. Navy’s launch of the USS Detroit and been trusted with the safe transportation of Canada Customs officers and high ranking Military personnel to board moving ships in the Detroit river.  Our vessels are equipped with a full compilation of navigation and communication equipment which included GPS, radar, multiple VHF radios, hailer and on-board scanners.


We monitor the VHF radio on channel 16, 24 hours per day from our local service centers and provide a toll free number to ensure you are connected no matter where life takes you.


The fact that we actually own, and operate our vessels continuously as commercial vessels has also proven to be a further asset to most boaters on the water. Being out there means we're closer than you think. In the past,  Canadian Coastal Services™ has responded and attended several Mayday calls. Some of which were the result of collisions, sinking vessels and even vessel fires. Being at the ready keeps us available for anything.


In the past, Canadian Coastal Services revolutionized the emergency marine towing industry in Canada by developing and growing the Canada's Towboat brand. In 2021, we handed off the breakdown towing operations which and sold the name Canada's Towboat so that we could focus on the portions of the marine industry that could best utilize our skills. Today we focus primarily on marine salvage and environmental protection as well as vessel repositioning, importing and piloting/captain services.


Canadian Coastal Services™ is a 100% Canadian company owned and operated from the province of Ontario.




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