Canadian Coastal Services is a leader in Canada's Marine Assistance industry. We pioneered the marine towing sector by bringing to life the Canada's Towboat brand. Even though we no longer focus on break down towing services and have passed on the brand, we are still your number one choice for boat salvage services, captains for hire, boat repositioning and other specialized on water requirements. In the last 10 years, Canadian Coastal Services has imported more boats from the United States into Canada than any other service provider. We are the number one choice for Southwestern Ontario.

Marine Assistance services protecting this boat on Lake Erie near Amherstburg Ontario.
Commercial training for small vessel operators looking to get their SVOP captains license.
Boater Resources

For all the things you need to know, we have assembled a section just for you. Many of our members and members-to-be contact us asking for directions to information they are having difficulties trying to locate. Now we've added a space to cover all your needs.

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Information required to apply for and obtain your NEXUS card to use while boating or crossing at land borders.


This is all you need to know when it comes to the safety gear required on your boat in Canada. This guide outlines all the items you must carry.


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