Canadian Coastal Services is a leader in Canada's Marine Assistance industry. We pioneered the marine towing sector by bringing to life the Canada's Towboat brand. Even though we no longer focus on break down towing services and have passed on the brand, we are still your number one choice for boat salvage services, captains for hire, boat repositioning and other specialized on water requirements. In the last 10 years, Canadian Coastal Services has imported more boats from the United States into Canada than any other service provider. We are the number one choice for Southwestern Ontario.

Canada's Towboat on duty, ready to respond for your towing needs. open and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What makes our service vessel better suited to respond to your needs?

Our 100% Transport Canada compliant service vessels are equipped with:



- Gas powered emergency de-watering pumps with flow rates in excess of 15,000 Gallons per hour.

- Rear facing cameras equipped with night vision to allow the operator to monitor you continuously.

- All the required lighting and equipment for performing towing operations around the clock.

- Permanently mounted tow post apparatus specifically designed for the intended purpose.

- 600'+ of heavy duty purpose specific tow line plus, plenty of additional short lines.

- Additional firefighting equipment for use in emergency situations.

- Electronic navigation aids to accurately guide us to your location.

- Properly licensed and continually trained boat Captains.

- Dual VHF radios for continuous communication.

- High power perimeter and spotting lights.

- Basic tools for common on water repairs.

- Battery boosting lines or jump packs.

- Spare fuel and 2-stroke oil.

- Emergency first aid kits.

- Additional life vests.












We deliver assistance on a professional level every day.

Why trust your safety and well being to an unprepared passerby?


Canada Towboat on the Detroit River during the International Tug Boat Races with Canada Customs officers on board.

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